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Can Nigerian Youths Get 30 Per Cent Representation In Government

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Can Nigerian Youths Get 30 Per Cent Representation In Government

Nigerians Youths Demand 30 Per Cent Representation In Government
The leadership of the nation has been advised to lay a trusted base for the future of the nation by trusting in her youth and giving them more opportunities to lead and partake in governance.

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King Ibe
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Hrh Igwe Mbanabo Igwilo (the AFRICAN LION K

Ambassador Yusuf for Nigeria in South Africa, is defrauding Nigeria government in South Africa, with some few elements of 5 Nigeria called Nido n Nigeria Union's Executive, he uses them for fraud, when government officials visited South Africa, Ambassador Yusuf will gave Nigeria bill of almost R5 million to R10 millions for hosting Nigeria in South Africa in pretoria Embassy which is completely lies, he is busy defrauding Nigeria government in South Africa, Ambassador Yusuf need to be sacked or send him back for training against corruption in our society.

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Asuquo Oku
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nigerian youth in government

will be grate if nigerian youths should be given its ful right of
representations in government not only the people who have been havimg
it in excess. youths ideas in polities should be highly welcome in

Mukhtar Raddah
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youth and the government

If to says my mind 30percent is less, because youth are the fore sight of the Nigerian government considering their ability to the development of the economy into world standard and having current economical measures.

Mukhtar Suleiman Raddah

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Its better not to demand but deserve it

Its better the youth forge to get there and not just demand.
They need to develop and prepare adequately for politics before they get there; so serious impact will be felt when they eventually get there.